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Travelling Europe in Aug to Sept ' 2013

Post By: Kavita

Date: 06/07/13

 Kavita Katerine
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My name is Katerine, im 19, female, from sunny Singapore :)

As stated in the title, i would like to travel Europe, however my friends wont be free on the stated dates, thus I would love to find a companion/some companions to travel with. I've booked my flight to London Heathrow, 18th August to 18th September

Travelling wise, I was thinking about railing around/ budget flights for some countries.

Accommodation wise, I was thinking about maybe renting an apartment in each/some countries(pretty cheap deals available), couch surfing or hostels/cheap B&Bs.

Travel activities, I don't really have much planned honestly. Mostly to sightsee, try new food, meet more people. Check out the nightlife in Europe(clubs/pubs/bars)

I'd like to visit Paris, Venice, Amsterdam to sightsee and stuff.

I would consider myself to be a literature and history junkie. I'd love to catch some plays in London. Shakespearean ones or modern ones (hoping to catch "The book of Mormon") are fine.

Would have to visit Sachsenhauser/dachau concentration camps when we head to Germany.

N.Ireland to visit those Game of Thrones filming sites.

Plus, I'd like to head to Iceland for a couple of days in about the 2nd week of September in hopes of catching the Northern Lights, and to visit the North of the wall (Game of thrones)

These are some of the things i can think of at the top of my head. Will Add/remove stuff when i have more time!

Hoping to find at least 1 companion! :). Willing to visit countries/places you want as well. Thats no problem :)

Leave a reply/private message or e-mail me at kavitakaterine(at) :).

Forgot to mention that I'm fine with anybody. No matter your age(preferably over 18 though), race, religion(Don't be preachy though), sexual orientation or anything. So feel free to contact me if you're interested in this trip! :)
 randy Ahadzi
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hey and are you coming to Africa ?? coz i would like to be ur tor guide
randy's reply  07-09-2013 05:27:12
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