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FREE BEER! Please read! Trip Advice!

Post By: Henry

Date: 05/19/13

 Henry Chang
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Ok, I got worked nearly to death in a stupid corporate finance job, and now I finally have some time to blow off steam. Wanting to get away and have a good time...

If you have any advice for a great place to go, let me know... Looking for something more unique instead of places like Vegas...I personally been to South Beach like 1000x times. Same crowd, different day.

Prefer to tag with somebody compatible, meaning...while I love to sit down and read a good book, if I am shelling out money for a trip, I rather go out and explore the city and have fun. I love chit-chatting with locals.

Should you come up with a great idea, first nights drinks are on me...

One last thing...actually it is a warning, I am a bit on the crazy side. Meaning, I wouldn't be surprised if we went to Spain and ended up in some prison in Russia. But hey, whats that saying? "Live your life to the fullest"...

Oh...and bring sandwiches.

Note: there is no free beer.
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