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6 Weeks Southeast Asia

Post By: Michal

Date: 03/19/13

 Michal Rys
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(Note: travel dates are MAY 14-JUNE 26; the post window was bugging up with the start day)

Hey everyone! Im a 21 year old guy from the US looking for 20-somethings to travel with.

Im finally finishing up my 4 years of studies at the University of Illinois, and Im planning on killing the 2 months I have between graduation and my job's start date by doing some traveling through Southeast Asia.

Im looking at traveling for 6 weeks (May 14-June 26; unfortunately these dates are rigid). I have a tentative day-by-day itinerary, but it's pretty massive, so here are the cliffs notes:
1. ~2-2.5 weeks Thailand (Bangkok, northern mountain jungles--Chiang mai/overnight hiking trips, Ko Phangan)
2. 3 days Singapore
3. 6 days Cambodia (Angkor, Phnom Penh)
4. ~2-2.5 weeks traveling the length of Vietnam (Hanoi, Sapa, Halong Bay, Hue, 2 day countryside motorbike trip to Hoi An (Ho Chi Minh Trail), Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong River Delta)

Im an outdoorsy guy and into culture/history, but Im hoping to get some beach time and a bit of nightlife into my trip as well.

Ill be fresh out of school, so Im planning on using budget accommodation and food options. In terms of travel, I want to take a couple of flights to cut down on travel days, but still mostly use budget options (see link below). My budget for the 6 weeks (excluding travel from/to Chicago) is 2500 usd. Im expecting to use less, I just want to have a safety cushion to work with.

If youre interested in all or part of the trip, let me know!

Itinerary i've been working on:
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