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Ready for an EPIC adventure

Post By: Mia

Date: 03/18/13

 Mia Kuleshov
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I would love to go backpacking around the world. Almost anywhere would be fine with me, I just want to go. I would only be able to take about a month off work, but I think that would be plenty of time to get into some trouble :) I only want to travel with other girls, NO GUYS that would just be a little weird haha. If someone is really interested we would deff have to skype a few times and exchange emails. Dates are flexible. Let me know
 Emmy Wilbur
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Hey girl! Still interested in traveling around the world? I've been trying to find someone for the longest time and I also wanted to go for about a month because of work. I'm 19 and I live in Atlanta. My name is Emmy Wilbur is you want to add me on facebook?
Emmy's reply  03-20-2013 09:03:01
 Jasmine Houston
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Hi, Mia,Your idea seems nice. My name is Jasmine and I'm 20 years old. I would have to wait till May though because of college. Let me know if this interest you, if not I hope u find someone and have a fun trip. My email is
Jasmine's reply  03-21-2013 08:27:39
 Alysa Huppler-Poliak
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Hi I am going to be traveling Europe this summer late June to Mid August. I would love to travel back pack around. If you are interested let me know:)
Alysa's reply  03-22-2013 04:48:16
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