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Post By: Afo-akom

Date: 08/27/12

 Afo-akom Tours
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This is one of the most interesting and unforgettable cultural exhibitions that any visitor will ever experience. All the Fondoms in the North West region are going to be visited, in each of the palaces the history of the origin of each will be clearly explained and traditional dances displayed and if the sacred forests, shrines, Ngumba houses are permitted to visitors then the will be visited. Note that the different tribes have different customs and traditions of which some are similar but not the same. It`s believed that the Nso, Nkambe, Kom palaces have similar customs and traditions since they were brothers but separated for reasons which can only be told in the various palaces.
Day 01 : Arrival
Arrival at the Douala international airport and welcome by our professional guide, transfer to the hotel, check in and overnight in Douala after dinner. Before dinner, a brief explanation and guide lines regarding the itinerary and some important issues if need be.
Day 02 : Douala - Bamenda
Pickup in the morning after breakfast and drive to Bamenda passing through Bafoussam. Stop over for lunch in Bafoussam, continue to Bamenda. Arrive Bamenda at about 3.00 pm. Transfer to the hotel, check in and jump out for city tours. Return to the hotel at 6.00pm and have dinner. Overnight in Bamenda.
Day 03 : Kom Palace
Pickup in the morning after breakfast and drive to Fundong which is about 2hrs drive. Arrive and continue to the Laikom village where the Fon`s palace is found on the mountain top. Before arriving the palace the guards are already aware of the visitors coming and all the necessary arrangements are done. As soon as the visitor is there the Fon is contacted and he comes out to the courtyard. The Fon is being introduced to the visitors and vice versa, if there is any speech or special message the visitor is bringing here`s the moment for it. The afo-akom statue is presented to the visitor by the Fon himself and the story about its origin is told. Where after the traditional dances start to display, then if the shrine or the secret forest are to be visited it`s being done right away, in the secret forest there is a mysterious tree found here which was felled and it immediately cried for its destruction and stood up on the same position. Farewell is said to the Fon and the entirely palace. Return to Fundong and overnight in a hotel.
Day 04 Bafut Palace
Pickup in the morning after breakfast and drive straight to the Bafut palace, the visitor is brought to the courtyard where he/she waits for the Fon to come out. The palace guards or the noblemen seek the Fon`s consent. The visitor is immediately told what the next step is. After having a word with the Fon and learning about the origin of the palace, traditional dances by the Fon`s spouses are carried out. The sacred forest is visited and all the shrines where people were buried alive because of their crimes. The Museum is just besides the courtyard where articles dating 450 years are found. After part taking in all the ceremonies programmed for this day, the visitor returns to the hotel and overnight in Bamenda.
Day 05 Mankon Palace.
Pickup in the morning after breakfast and drive to the Mankon palace, the guards or the noblemen will take you into the courtyard of the palace and keep you waiting. They will go in and meet the Fon and tell you immediately the next step. After having words with the Fon and learning about the origin of the palace and the customs of the land, traditional dances will be displayed where you will part take and take photographs. The various areas of interest like the shrines and secret forests are visited. In almost all the palaces there is the degustation of the traditional meals after the traditional dances and in all the tribes the meals are not the same. Return to the hotel after all the activities, overnight in Bamenda.
Day 06 Bali Palace
Pickup after breakfast and drive to Bali, visit the Fon`s palace and all the other areas of interest. Par-take in the traditional dances and the origin of the palace. Visit the lake where you will be told the mystery of it. After all the activities of the day return to the hotel and overnight in Bamenda.
Day 07 Nso Palace
Pickup after breakfast and drive through Babungo to the Nso village. Visit the palace and all the areas of interest around, listen to the origin and story of the palace and the customs of the lands. Transfer to a hotel and overnight in Nso.
Day 08 Nkwen Palace
Pickup after breakfast and drive back to Bamenda passing through the Ndop plains, arrive Bamenda and continue to the Nkwen palace. Meet with the Fon and listen to the story and customs of the land. Part take in traditional dances presented by the Fon`s spouses and the jujus of the palace. Take photographs and return to the hotel. Overnight in Bamenda.
Day 09 Foumban Palace
Pickup very early after breakfast and drive to Foumban via the Foumbot market to discover the Bamoun culture. The city of Foumban has a number of vestiges that attest to its past glory. The Sultan?s Palace, the Statue of king Njoya, the Royal Palace Museum, the Central Mosque, the Arts and Traditional Museum are all Testimonies of the Bamoun history. Arrival and brief visit of the town. Visit to some selected arts of the city related to the Bamoun history. Leisure activities, dinner and overnight in Foumban.
Day 10 departure
Pickup in the morning and drive to Douala passing through Dschang where you will visit the famous palace of the Dschang land. Continue to Douala and transfer to the hotel for a robe down while preparing for departure in the evening. Transfer to the airport for departure in the evening and departure back home.
End of tours
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