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Sweden-Finland 10 Days, HELP!

Post By: lauren

Date: 05/18/12

 lauren brothers
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Hey Travel Hub!

Here is my trip idea and dilemma!

I would like to take a 10 day trip from Sweden to Finland. A party cruise in between (Stockholm to Helsinki). Dates: July 2- July 12th and these are the only dates I can do due to summer classes -.-

I am a college student and I have been dreaming of traveling for a long time. I haven't been any where yet and most of my time has been reliant on others to come with me, save up, and not expect life to get in the way. I could go alone... but as my first time, and since I don't want to anger my parents, I think they and I would feel more safe and comfortable.

This trip would mean a lot to me because then traveling won't feel so unattainable. Then, maybe I can earn more "respect" to travel more.

For the record, I am 21 years old going on 22.

Any takers!?
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