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Looking for a buddy for an 18 month round the world trip

Post By: Rebecca

Date: 06/10/11

 Rebecca Enright
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Im a British girl who will be volunteering in Cambodia in September 2012 for 3 months but then am looking to backpack around the world: China, Mongolia, Nepal, Tibet, Burma, Japan, South Korea, Borneo, Australia, New Zealand, South and Central America

Looking for a travel buddy as would like to avoid group tours where possible to save money and see as much as possible!

Anyone looking to do the same thing? Give me a shout
 awni massoud
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i am interstyed to be your partner in your trip.
but i need to know the max expenses
and a lso we need to talk togther
about the detail of this trip
awni's reply  06-10-2011 08:03:39
 William Barraza
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hi would like to go to China in september or octuber. I would be more than happy to go with you.
William's reply  06-20-2011 05:37:55
 scott evan morris
Contact This User a working as a tour guide for many years...and staying in west malaysia...n my home town is in borneo...malaysian side...very nice place to visit...100% pure forest...n beautifull culture..customs..n traditions...borneo is very famous of headhunting in the olden days...n not been practice for welcome to borneo...anything u want to know about sarawak borneo..jst e-mail me...thkzzz
scott evan's reply  06-27-2011 11:17:05
 Boone Chong
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Dear Rebecca. My name is Boone. I dream to travel around the world like you. I have been China, Burma, Lao and Japan. I speak Chinese and Thai. I was born in Thailand and Lived in California. I tried looking friend who grow up together for travelling but never find one, now I have opportunity joint FindMeetgo and see your post. Anywhere I think I am too old and you are young, it may difficult for you to travelling with older person. This was my first time contact person who like to travelling and I do not know how you respond to my attention. If you feel like to contact me asking about Asia country. Please write to me at
Boone's reply  06-30-2011 10:42:09
 Jason Giang
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I would be interested in joining you or your small group for parts of your trip.

I wish but I don't have the luxury of goign 18 months
Jason's reply  07-12-2011 11:12:12
 Melissa Harden
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Hi there! I am a 22 year old American girl interested in traveling to a lot of the same places around the same time as you. I would love to hear more about your plans and see if we can coordinate something!
Melissa's reply  07-22-2011 08:44:17
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