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Los Angeles Testimony

Posted by: Ryan on Sat Mar 09, 2013 at 12.44 PM

Category: Miscellaneous

I drove to Southern California in the summer of 2010 and did everything I wanted to do with my car. hiked the hills, swam in the ocean, seen all the beaches, met a lot of hotties and partied. I can testify it was probably my best trip ever and even though I witnessed a heinous fatal shooting in Studio City and will be in court back in LA in April to give my witness testimony in a multi million dollar civil trial I know Im the good guy witness and will be back to kill the devil of corruption which exists in the LAPD and DEA. Google witness to a fatal shooting and my article still appears on top worldwide. Soon there will be a happy ending to the civil trial and I will write another story so check back soon or hit me up if with any questions.  I love LA

Tags: Los Angeles witness