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about find meet go

Who Are We?

As many of you know Find Meet Go is a thriving online network and travel supplier. FMG is dedicated to providing the finest online purchasing experience for all your travel needs. Simply put, the idea of FMG is to help solo travelers meet travel buddies, be a part of an online community, save money, and share their travel stories.

About Our Tours

Our current products include tours, vacation packages, excursions, and things to do inNorth America, Europe, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, South & Central America, Africa and the Middle East. Many of our multi-day tours provide add-on options like snorkeling, parasailing, or bicycling. We provide a variety of day trips and 1-2 hour trips to enhance your vacation whether you are looking for some extra fun on your backpacking adventure, or seeking a new thrill while in a new city.

We guarantee that you will enjoy our premier quality services. Our site offers an outlet for travelers to openly discuss travel plans, coordinate, and offer advice as well as share stories, photos and videos of their journeys. We hope that by providing these features, users will be inspired to travel and become exposed to a broader scope of the world that they would not have experienced otherwise.

Travelling Alone

Find Meet Go has something for everyone. Whether you plan on backpacking through Europe by yourself or heading to Cancun with a group of friends for spring break, FMG has a tour or an activity for you. For those that prefer to travel on their own, but wouldn’t mind sharing a day excursion with a like minded person, the FMG forum is a great place to let others know about your travel plans as well as view other FMG member’s travel plans.

Why Travel With a Buddy

Have you ever felt like taking a trip but decided not to go because you didn’t want to go alone? As a member of the Find Meet Go community you’ll never have to worry about travelling alone or finding something to do. Find Meet Go will help you find a travel buddy with similar interests. Not only will you get to share your travel experience with a new friend, you will also get to share the cost of the tour. By using the Share Room booking feature, FMG allows you to book a tour with a new travel buddy and it splits the costs of hotel automatically (each individual pays separately).
We strongly urge anyone and everyone to come forward and experience the differences of our services compared to a regular travel agency. We are very sure that we will not only open up your eyes to these cultures and experiences but also your heart to them. We hope that you get everything and more from Find Meet Go. Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can improve our site and services.

Happy Traveling!
-The Find Meet Go Team